Experienced in a Variety of Major Industrial Sectors.

With extensive material handling experience, DCI's employees maintain the capacity to serve many industries. Projects range from small single-line conveyors to fully automated conveyor systems, integrating custom designed components and equipment. DCI has completed projects in automotive systems, airport baggage handling, delivery and storage systems, distribution and parcel handling as well as other areas. The breadth of our employees experience allows us to meet any challenge.

Parcel Handling Systems

DCI serves multiple customers in the parcel handling and distribution market. Some of the world's largest parcel handling companies comprise our core customer base with steady, repeat business.

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Baggage Handling Systems

Whether an expansion to an existing system or turnkey provision of a new, high speed baggage handling system, DCI can provide a cost effective, quality and on time solution to the needs of your BHS.

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Warehouse & Distribution

Don't overlook the role your material handling system plays in the profitability of your operations. Let DCI, with its experience, knowledge and resources, provide an optimum solution for you.

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Manufacturing & Production

If your operations require the integration of a material handling system then let DCI, with its experience and resources, provide the best conveyance solution for your needs.

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